28056775_1571284406326648_4414624385895620662_nThank you all for taking an interest in my work. I started writing in 2013 and published my first book in 2016. I had no editor, no publicist or even knew really what I was doing.  Now I am close to finishing my 10th book, with more to come.
In 2018 I had two #1 Best New Releases. It was an amazing feeling.  It helps to have the family and friends to support you and back you even when what you write is not what they like to read. That is why I don’t just stick to on Genre. I have books about my life and Fantasy Romance, Spiritual. Never just limit yourself to one thing. You’ll up hating it after a while.
I will also have contests where you can win Signed Copies of my book. There is going to be so many things here. I hope you stick around.

Thank you.
Candy A Varty

#EroticRomance #Erotica

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